Volcanic Lava Stone


Mother Earth has indeed gifted us with many treasures. But there’s one stone that stands tall, simply because it’s a part of the earth’s womb, itself. And that is the volcanic lava stone. Once it arises to the surface and cools it is used and designed for fashion and spiritual use. The black lava stone has been around for centuries and various indigenous tribes and communities have used black lava stone beads. Although not as attractive as jewelry made from precious stones, a volcanic stone bracelet makes up for their earthy appearance with their spiritual mystique.

So, you may still ask yourself, what is lava stone? To break it up to you, lava stone or volcanic beads as we use them are precious stones that now a day are mostly used either as volcanic rock jewelry or as talismans, and are quite popular as accessories. We prefer our lava rock bead bracelet for which is stylish and can be used for fashion. There’s a special bond between the black lava rock beads and our beloved planet. Knowing the fact that it comes directly from Earth’s core, the lava beads meaning is of grounding and connecting with nature. Native Americans would wear a piece a lava mineral before war for where it is believed lava rock energy would bring them courage and strength. Thus why, it’s more common to see mens lava stone bracelets. Scroll down to find out more about this awesome stone and its lava stone properties.

A stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment.


Traditionally, lava bead jewelry is said to have lava rock healing properties and they keep people warm in cold climates. These volcanic stones have made their journey, straight from the earth’s core, they are associated with spirituality and universality. However, they offer more than just an aesthetic lava bead bracelet beauty. This stabilizing effects of a real black lava stone bracelet extends into the emotional and spiritual spheres by eliminating strong negative emotions, providing clarity and offering hope during difficult and emotional times.

Most people use these lava stone bracelet benefits for their anxiety and mood swings, lava rock beads really help each person ground themselves and control their excessive thinking. Drop in to meditation and buy a bracelet lava stone to use some lava rock healing to control and handle most spiritual or mental problem with these lava beads benefits.


It’s believed that emotional and spiritual lava healing properties con be obtained by each person that wears a real lava stone bead bracelet, because of their strong association with the Earth. Due to this earthly connection, volcanic rock beads are seen as symbols of fertility, endurance and strength. From a spiritual perspective, a lava gemstone is great for grounding the root chakra and starting your day off with a slight pump into some mindfulness meditation.

For better absorption of their lava stone healing properties, it is recommended to wear volcanic lava beads close within the skin. Moreover, they are considered as healing stones to bringing peace into the mind and spirit. It’s believed that wearing an authentic black lava stone bracelet will allow the wearer to access energy freely, allowing a clear flow and use of lava stone healing to nurture themselves physically as well as spiritually. Furthermore, some cultures also believe that lava stone energy offer stability and courage during troublesome times, since they strengthen the wearer’s relationship with that of the planet.

Inner Calmness

Rhodonite Stone


Rhodonite gemstone was first invented in the late eighteenth century in Russia. It is commonly known as “orietz” by the local people. It also helps in the flow of positive energy to our body and protects us from critical situation. One of the most famous and commonly worn gemstone is the rhodonite rock. Some people wear it for fashion while others try to heal from its positive energy.

From kings to nobles, everyone opted for rhodonite jewelry to gain positive energy from it and heal their ailments. The rhodonite gem has been derived from a Greek word meaning “a rose”. This gemstone is found in various shades of red but mostly people go for the beautiful rosy pink color. The stone was popular amongst people of every class because of its ease of availability and affordable cost. The rhodonite pink patches of the stone has been said to heal physical trauma and minor ailments including infection, inflammations and thyroids.

Restore your physical energy that has been drained due to emotional trauma.


Rhodonite mineral can eliminate anxiety and remain focused in adverse situation. It increases calmness and disseminate panic among individuals. It generally increases spiritual, emotional and mental level and forms a positive energy field around the body and protects from jealousy and envy.

It emits positive energy that manipulates the energy of your heart chakra and fills it with love and humility. It is an easy and inexpensive way to improve your mental and physical health.


Rhodonite beads has been in use since ages. People are wearing it because of the calming effects that it contains. They believe that since this stone can help in controlling anger, decrease anxiety and you learn to love unconditionally. People do wear it but not many are aware of the rhodonite bracelet meaning. Some people wear it for healing purposes while others wear to improve their relationships.

This precious gemstone has been associated with the heart chakra and contains energy that can be helpful in curing or controlling heart diseases. People have admitted of feeling a positive change in their health and attitude since they started wearing this amazing stone. Not only it can be worn as a style statement can you can very well benefit from it healing and calming properties.

Self Love

Lapis Lazuli


In ancient times, studies have shown that lapis gem has a plethora of advantages. It has become the favorite of families and mystics. The cosmic connection energy of lapis lazuli and understanding its power come with a gamut of benefits.

The gemstone lapis originated in Afghanistan more than 6,500 years ago and was highly treasured by the Greek and the Romans. Lapis stone jewelry adorned ancient Egyptian kings and queens as burial ornaments to ward off spirits of darkness, bring inner peace and favor the spirits of light. The deep blue color of this stone signifies a royal mystery, power and presence. You may simply not like the stone at your first glance. Until your mind is prepared to be still, the mysterious and deep energies of lapis blue stone can take a long time to be unveiled.

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought after stones in use since man's history began.


The gemstone lapis lazuli stimulates wisdom, judgement, intellect, creativity and problem solving and also promotes harmony, friendship, and truthful communication. The lapis lazuli properties comes with the knowledge of powerful, pure and deep waters of calm and stillness. It has the power to get rid of negative impacts in your environment and life. The variations of the deep sky blue color of thid precious gem can liberate, comfort and mesmerize your self-imposed limitations and fears.

In some cases, when the blue stone is mixed with pyrite, it makes a good combination of royal energies such as respect, wealth, wisdom and just to mention a few. It also helps to connect your body to healthier and higher vibrations. The lower energies of your body can be purified by the water element color of lazuli lapis.


The amazing lapis lazuli rock can protect the user from negative influences because it’s connected to heaven and cosmetic energies. The stone helps people to connect with a planetary quality of integrity and truth. By wearing lapis The variations of the deep blue color can liberate, comfort and mesmerize your self-imposed limitations and fears. If you want to be encouraged to searching out the secrets of the planet in silence, then this rock can help greatly. With lapis lazuli energy, you may be able to express, access and aware of your personal truth.

The gem lapis lazuli activates a life of unshakable inner balance, success and more intelligence and strength that is cascaded on ancient connections. Some of the features of this marvelous stone are a strong connection to cosmic wisdom and energy of deep calm mood.

Inner Power

Jasper Stone


Jasper Stone, belonging to the quartz family, goes way back in ancient times. Worn and used by priests and kings this jasper mineral was sacred and considered as one of the most powerful protective gemstone in those early years. A jasper gemstone meaning is in its energy’s essence, the stripes and bands amplifies the rock’s earthy energy. Jasper precious stone is a warm and nourishing stone and was used for thousands of years in different cultures around the world.

As a property of jasper jewelry, the native American and the medieval world highly regarded this stone as “The Rain Bringer” combining it with the o-so famous rain dance. Jasper stone jewelry was also used in Mehrgarh as far back as the 4th Millennium BC to make bow drills. As far as known, this imperial jasper was most provided for protection and luck bringing, both for the spiritual and physical world. In fact, in Feng Shui, jasper crystal is used in making amulets, also used in feng shui cures such as the Pi ayo and the mystic knot which is believed to possess mystical powers to helps bring in wealth and fortune.

It is a stone of health and passion, and brings the courage to face unpleasant tasks and to rectify unjust situations.


Precious stone Jasper carries a nurturing energy and used in developing self-love and empathy which can also enhance meditation and circular breathing, thus, why it’s called “the nurturer stone”.  A stone of physical strength and energy which enhances stamina and endurance is mostly used by those in need of peace within. A jasper bead bracelet is based of health and passion helping one define their life in a fulfillment way.

Basically, the purpose of these jasper stone beads is to stand tall and secure against the injustice and help the people who are in danger by providing good and harmonious vibes. Jasper rock has the purpose to defend the vulnerable by bringing out peace and confidence within, besides the positive vibes, this gemstone brings the courage to one’s life. It also provides dream recall and connects you to the earth’s energy. These are just parts of the tons of Jasper meaning.


Jasper Gemstone Jewelry is used to discover your special quality and ability to differ you from the mass, enhancing your unique skills and creating a better you. You can choose from Belts, rings, bracelets and ankle bracelets with Jasper to protect, nurture, ground and rise your energies. Besides Looking awesome in a jasper gemstone bracelet, you will remind your special ability, again and again, boosting up your confidence and helping you to believe in yourself for when it comes to achieve all great endeavors.

Rock-on a Jasper bead bracelet to ground yourself and stabilize with the Earth’s energy. This jasper precious stone invites positive feelings, develops self-love, mindfulness and love which are qualities that will help you, Standout. Other than these top qualities the beautiful rock provides comfort, strength, healing and security to our body. Try a jasper gem to provide energy to a tired body on those lazy days and relieve stress when you’re caught up in an overwhelming situation.


Agate Stone


Agate gemstones are a microcrystalline structure which are often found in metamorphic and volcanic rocks. It’s a finely grained and a variety of banded Chalcedony, belonging to the Quartz stone family and is characterized by its varied bright colors, and its fine, beautiful grain. It forms very gradually, over millions of years and because of the ways in which agate pieces are formed, every single piece is completely unique.

For centuries now, the precious stone agate has been known as a powerful healer, a bringer of good fortune and wealth. Agate mineral has been known and widely regarded around the world for thousands of years, for its diverse range of benefits and healing properties. This gem has a long history, with discoveries of certain amulets and other ornaments dating right back to ancient times, including Greek and Egyptian civilizations, who utilized the stone for lapidary, mounted in gold.

Agate's most noticeable properties-overall are balancing yin & yang energy, courage, protection, healing, and calming.


The mystical Agate Power provides a calming effect during times of stress and when dealing with difficult situations. It has been known to give courage, emotional strength, increase self-confidence and alleviate fears. It’s generally known as the stone for self-expression, creativity, health and good fortune. Artists and writers have used agate to enhance creativity and it is deemed especially protective for children, thus, are agate gemstone benefits.

Considered exceptional for balancing physical and emotional energy, agate stone beads in jewelry such as bracelets and rings are particularly favored by men and women to harmonize yin and yang, the positive and negative forces in our universe.


Every gemstone agate pendants are a great choice for a new piece of jewelry because of their mystical and historical properties as well as their physical and scientific properties. In many cultures, it’s even thought to offer protection.

Jewelry containing the stone agate was thought to protect the wearer from bad dreams or uneasy minds. Wearing an agate stone bracelet is believed by some to help to ensure that the wearer will have calm and stress free days. If you are looking for spiritual balance and connect between the heavenly and earthly chi forces, then a black agate bracelet is for you.


Tiger Eye


Gemstone tiger eye is a member of the quartz group, where a fraction of the quartz has been replaced by a form of asbestos. The specific colors of the Stone tiger eye are of that range from golden yellow to deep red and expresses in some different degree. It has been discovered that the meaning of tiger eye beads, form a significant power of strengthening, moreover grounding energy just like one of our favorite, black lava rock bracelet.

Like most gemstones, there are a myriad of folklore, legends, and myths associated with tiger eye stone beads. It is supposed to protect the physical and mental well-being of the wearer. Tiger eye mineral is used in reference to one of the ancient talismans, powerful, mysterious, feared and revered and all seeing all knowing eye of the tiger stone. It’s believed that the wearer of a real tiger eye bracelet is offered the ability to observe all around him even in the cases of closed doors. Roman army soldiers were said to have worn this tiger gemstone for protection in battle by which the properties of tiger eye stone are considered to be very protective, possessing a powerful dynamic energy that has a watchful eye to it.

It has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions.


Eye of the tiger bracelet is said to protect the wearer during travel, lower high blood pressure and increase strength as these are benefits of tiger eye. The wearer of tiger bracelet is thought to be ruled by the life-giving sun and is thought to be able to bring courage during dark times in a person’s life. Some of tiger eye bracelet benefits stimulates taking action and aids one in making decisions as it enhanced discernment and understanding, unclouding one’s emotions and it’s believed to enhance integrity, willpower, bring prosperity and good luck.

It is often mentioned that tigers eye crystal brings luck and wealth, other than these tiger stone gem benefits and tiger eye gemstone meaning, they look great as a tiger eye bead bracelet. This tiger gemstone is vital to children as it aids accelerating their healing, concentration in studies and offering them a sense of courage and security.


Keep close to the body an eye of the tiger jewelry, as it has a charm of luck which will bring good fortune and can attract positive energy as a result of its marvelous tiger stone effects. Tiger eye beads are powered to focus the mind, to strengthen convictions and confidence and to facilitate commerce. Each stone possesses mystical, vibrant, healing properties of tiger eye.

With each tiger stone bracelet comes an opalescent quality to it and that the combination of the solid black color stripes encompassing shimmering gold, red and brown results in a very special rock which other than having a tigers eye crystal meaning to it, is also highly fashionable and trendy. Tigers eye gemstone is a powerful stone that promotes harmony and balance, wear a tiger bead bracelet for it can help release fear in dark times and control anxiety. Tigers eye crystal healing properties are magnificent for those who lack in self-confidence and need an extra push with natural energy.