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Jasper Stone


Jasper Stone, belonging to the quartz family, goes way back in ancient times. Worn and used by priests and kings this jasper mineral was sacred and considered as one of the most powerful protective gemstone in those early years. A jasper gemstone meaning is in its energy’s essence, the stripes and bands amplifies the rock’s earthy energy. Jasper precious stone is a warm and nourishing stone and was used for thousands of years in different cultures around the world.

As a property of jasper jewelry, the native American and the medieval world highly regarded this stone as “The Rain Bringer” combining it with the o-so famous rain dance. Jasper stone jewelry was also used in Mehrgarh as far back as the 4th Millennium BC to make bow drills. As far as known, this imperial jasper was most provided for protection and luck bringing, both for the spiritual and physical world. In fact, in Feng Shui, jasper crystal is used in making amulets, also used in feng shui cures such as the Pi ayo and the mystic knot which is believed to possess mystical powers to helps bring in wealth and fortune.


Precious stone Jasper carries a nurturing energy and used in developing self-love and empathy which can also enhance meditation and circular breathing, thus, why it’s called “the nurturer stone”.  A stone of physical strength and energy which enhances stamina and endurance is mostly used by those in need of peace within. A jasper bead bracelet is based of health and passion helping one define their life in a fulfillment way.

Basically, the purpose of these jasper stone beads is to stand tall and secure against the injustice and help the people who are in danger by providing good and harmonious vibes. Jasper rock has the purpose to defend the vulnerable by bringing out peace and confidence within, besides the positive vibes, this gemstone brings the courage to one’s life. It also provides dream recall and connects you to the earth’s energy. These are just parts of the tons of Jasper meaning.


Jasper Gemstone Jewelry is used to discover your special quality and ability to differ you from the mass, enhancing your unique skills and creating a better you. You can choose from Belts, rings, bracelets and ankle bracelets with Jasper to protect, nurture, ground and rise your energies. Besides Looking awesome in a jasper gemstone bracelet, you will remind your special ability, again and again, boosting up your confidence and helping you to believe in yourself for when it comes to achieve all great endeavors.

Rock-on a Jasper bead bracelet to ground yourself and stabilize with the Earth’s energy. This jasper precious stone invites positive feelings, develops self-love, mindfulness and love which are qualities that will help you, Standout. Other than these top qualities the beautiful rock provides comfort, strength, healing and security to our body. Try a jasper gem to provide energy to a tired body on those lazy days and relieve stress when you’re caught up in an overwhelming situation.