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Lapiz Lazuli


In ancient times, studies have shown that lapis gem has a plethora of advantages. It has become the favorite of families and mystics. The cosmic connection energy of lapis lazuli and understanding its power come with a gamut of benefits.

The gemstone lapis originated in Afghanistan more than 6,500 years ago and was highly treasured by the Greek and the Romans. Lapis stone jewelry adorned ancient Egyptian kings and queens as burial ornaments to ward off spirits of darkness, bring inner peace and favor the spirits of light. The deep blue color of this stone signifies a royal mystery, power and presence. You may simply not like the stone at your first glance. Until your mind is prepared to be still, the mysterious and deep energies of lapis blue stone can take a long time to be unveiled.


The gemstone lapis lazuli stimulates wisdom, judgement, intellect, creativity and problem solving and also promotes harmony, friendship, and truthful communication. The lapis lazuli properties comes with the knowledge of powerful, pure and deep waters of calm and stillness. It has the power to get rid of negative impacts in your environment and life. The variations of the deep sky blue color of thid precious gem can liberate, comfort and mesmerize your self-imposed limitations and fears.

In some cases, when the blue stone is mixed with pyrite, it makes a good combination of royal energies such as respect, wealth, wisdom and just to mention a few. It also helps to connect your body to healthier and higher vibrations. The lower energies of your body can be purified by the water element color of lazuli lapis.


The amazing lapis lazuli rock can protect the user from negative influences because it’s connected to heaven and cosmetic energies. The stone helps people to connect with a planetary quality of integrity and truth. By wearing lapis The variations of the deep blue color can liberate, comfort and mesmerize your self-imposed limitations and fears. If you want to be encouraged to searching out the secrets of the planet in silence, then this rock can help greatly. With lapis lazuli energy, you may be able to express, access and aware of your personal truth.

The gem lapis lazuli activates a life of unshakable inner balance, success and more intelligence and strength that is cascaded on ancient connections. Some of the features of this marvelous stone are a strong connection to cosmic wisdom and energy of deep calm mood.

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