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About Magari Design

Our Story

With what started as a vision board was soon brought to life. In 2017 I tunnel visioned the practices of our ancient ancestors and with much study and embodiment — Magari was born. Since the beginning of time with what little resources they had, mankind embraced their fashion sense with handcrafted jewelry made up of earth’s natural materials. With no other way of self expression, Pharaohs. Kings & Gods made their high status known with their crafted jewels. While embodying the past, Magari works diligently to bring you quality and unique modern designs without breaking the bank, all while reversing the stiema surrounding men and jewelry.

We live in a society where there are many sides to our life, our career, and what happens during the day versus the night. We created styles that fit into all worlds while aiming to offer men jewelry other than a watch to effortlessly spruce up their wardrobe. Behind our fashion sense there is quality, and we have just what you are looking for.

Curated and packaged in New York City, our main priorities ares quality and customer satisfaction. Over the last two years we have built a name for ourselves which is rapidly being heard across the globe. With inspiration and strategy, we will continue to grow our brand by the creative spirit and potential of mankind. To learn more about us, look through our collection of special designs, bracelets, pendants, rings, and so much more.

-Derek Allegrini, Creator & Founder


Since the beginning of mankind our ancient ancestors have always used earth’s natural materials to create a sense of elegance and style within their daily lives. With that thought in mind, Magari has positioned our goal to never settle for less than superb quality through the process of hand craftsmanship.

Behind our quality hand crafted designs we are style connoisseurs continuously looking to expand, teach, and engage within our community. Follow us on Insta for worthy, consistent content.



Magari delivers premium, top quality jewelry for men. With aim to break the stigma, we offer bracelets, chains, necklaces, and more. Handcrafted in New York City, each design features a unique quality that can not be topped by competitors such as natural stones that were once used by our ancestors and the highest quality of polished stainless steel & silver. We are undeniably confident you will love what we do and what we offer as your entire experience with Magari is unmatched— down to packaging, shipping, and customer service.