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Rhodonite Stone


Rhodonite gemstone was first invented in the late eighteenth century in Russia. It is commonly known as “orietz” by the local people. It also helps in the flow of positive energy to our body and protects us from critical situation. One of the most famous and commonly worn gemstone is the rhodonite rock. Some people wear it for fashion while others try to heal from its positive energy.

From kings to nobles, everyone opted for rhodonite jewelry to gain positive energy from it and heal their ailments. The rhodonite gem has been derived from a Greek word meaning “a rose”. This gemstone is found in various shades of red but mostly people go for the beautiful rosy pink color. The stone was popular amongst people of every class because of its ease of availability and affordable cost. The rhodonite pink patches of the stone has been said to heal physical trauma and minor ailments including infection, inflammations and thyroids.


Rhodonite mineral can eliminate anxiety and remain focused in adverse situation. It increases calmness and disseminate panic among individuals. It generally increases spiritual, emotional and mental level and forms a positive energy field around the body and protects from jealousy and envy.

It emits positive energy that manipulates the energy of your heart chakra and fills it with love and humility. It is an easy and inexpensive way to improve your mental and physical health.


Rhodonite beads has been in use since ages. People are wearing it because of the calming effects that it contains. They believe that since this stone can help in controlling anger, decrease anxiety and you learn to love unconditionally. People do wear it but not many are aware of the rhodonite bracelet meaning. Some people wear it for healing purposes while others wear to improve their relationships.

This precious gemstone has been associated with the heart chakra and contains energy that can be helpful in curing or controlling heart diseases. People have admitted of feeling a positive change in their health and attitude since they started wearing this amazing stone. Not only it can be worn as a style statement can you can very well benefit from it healing and calming properties.

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